Function with segment selected

Hello everyone, I have to detect which segment has been selected and show content based on that.
For this purpose I use the event onIonChange and that it calls a “Seleccionado” function.
This function has to receive the value parameter which is what has been selected but I have an error.

Could you please help me detect and solve the error

(property) CustomEvent.detail: SegmentChangeEventDetail
Returns any custom data event was created with. Typically used for synthetic events.

Argument of type ‘string | undefined’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘string’.
Type ‘undefined’ is not assignable to type ‘string’.ts(2345)

class Segmentos extends Component{

    Seleccionado = (seleccion: string) =>{
        <IonSegment onIonChange={e => this.Seleccionado(e.detail.value)} >
        <IonSegmentButton value="pendientes">
          <IonLabel>Servicios Pendientes</IonLabel>
        <IonSegmentButton value="curso">
          <IonLabel>Servicios en Curso</IonLabel>

Try this change…

Seleccionado = (seleccion: string | undefined) =>{

is there some code missing?