Where does Capacitor store files (Windows 10 filesystem) using Filesystem.writeFile?

I’m studying the “first app” https://ionicframework.com/docs/angular/your-first-app/loading-photos but can’t understand where photos are stored in my Windows 10 pc file system. I tried inserting a full path:

private async savePicture(photo: Photo) {
// Convert photo to base64 format, required by Filesystem API to save
const base64Data = await this.readAsBase64(photo);

// Write the file to the data directory
const fileName = 'findthedir.jpeg';
const savedFile = await Filesystem.writeFile({
  path: 'b:/findthedir.jpeg',
  data: base64Data,

Photos show in the browser but I can’t find the stored photos anywhere.
Searched through Capacitor docs, too but couldn’t find this.
Please any hint?

Filesystem plugin on web platform stores files in an IndexedDB database, so it’s not physically in your computer, but in your browser.
You can check the IndexedDB data using the developer tools of your browser, it should have a “storage” or “application” section

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Thanks Julio, I found it but what about store and retrieve images or files on my pc?
It seems impossible to me there’s no way to do that!

For storing files in your PC you can use a a tag (link), with download attribute. When clicked it will trigger a file download. But that will only work on web, not on iOS or Android.

For retrieving images or files from your pc you can use a input tag with type file.

Thanks for your kind answer Julio, I’ll do so.
I thought an Ionic/Capacitor component existed doing, this just to be consistent with all the others.