Where did Ionicons v3 page go?

I was using the page at
to search version 3 icons.
Since v4.0 arrived last week, the above page now redirects to
which shows only the latest version.

(We are not ready to migrate our app to v4)

I use the same in V3 and V4

Am I wrong in thinking that version 3 of the icons was a distinct version, and that it is no longer possible to find the documentation for them? Thanks

take an icon and place it in your app is it will work.
there is no difference between V1 V2 V3 and V4

Answer found: the v3 icons are now here:

ok but if you compare with V4 icon it’s the same
I think it’s just that you’re used to the V3 page :wink:

Hard to tell how many icons have changed because the organization on the page is very different, but for example the ios beer glass has bubbles in v3 and not in v4.