What version ionicons with Ionic v1.3.4?

I am still using the latest version of Ionic v1. However the icons available with the install do not appear to be the version listed here v1.5.2. Where can I download the original icons packaged with Ionic 1.3.4?

I was considering upgrading icons to v1.5.2 but several critical icons I use in my app (tab icons) that come with v1.3.4 are not in the latest release of ionicons v1.5.2.

Icons like ion-android-bicycle, and ion-android-subway - why in the world would they upgrade icons and remove icons developers came to depend on. As is, though I want some of the newer icons, I can’t migrate to 1.5.2 because icons my app depends on no longer exist in this version. There is not even a replacement icon - nothing like a bike, or bus, or train or anything…doesn’t make sense to me.