Where are the file ionic-platform-web-client

I dont understand something, the install section, say follows step, but the file name don’t exist.


  • First, let’s remove the existing install of ionic-platform-web-client.

  • Delete the www/lib/ionic-platform-web-client directory.

  • Copy your App ID from .io-config.json and then delete the file.

  • Remove the include to lib/ionic-platform-web-client/dist/ionic.io.bundle.js in your index.html file.

  • Uncomment the include to cordova.js in your index.html.

  • In all your code, remove the angular modules ionic.service.core, ionic.service.push, etc. from your dependency listing. They have been consolidated and renamed to ionic.cloud.

In www/lib don’t exist this file o directory ionic-platform-web-client