Unable to remove ionic-platform-web-client from project



When developing my photo sharing Ionic app, I implemented ionic push notification using ionic-platform-web-client (version 0.2.1) around 1 year back. Recently I migrated to Azure Mobile Services to use push notifications and therefore, I do not need to use ionic-platform-web-client library or any other Ionic.IO service.

However, now I am unable to remove ionic-platform-web-client dependency from my project. If I comment the dependency from index.html, the app will not run on mobile. After the splash screen, the screen goes blank. However, it does run on chrome emulator with ‘ionic serve’ without any issue.

<!--<script src="lib/ionic-platform-web-client/dist/ionic.io.bundle.min.js"></script>-->

Even I try to have a updated version of ionic-platform-web-client, it doesn’t work but gives the same issue.

Has anyone encountered this issue? Highly appreciate any indicator to approach solving this issue.

Thank you.