When will unit testing become integrated in Ionic?

I am looking to add Unit/E2E testing to my Ionic 2 project and I was wondering which test examples I should run with or whether I should wait for a more official method that is put forward by the Ionic team. There are a couple of tutorial pages that I have looked at for guidance, namely Lathonez’ example and Josh Morony’s example.

The Ionic team put out a blog post a while ago too stating:

We’re also working on baking unit testing right into the Ionic CLI (or more accurately, @ionic/app-scripts). Stay tuned for that.

Is there any news on this?

Should I wait for the Ionic team to complete their implementation or would it be a better idea to follow another example like the ones highlighted? If so, when can we expect to see some built-in Unit and E2E testing from Ionic?

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Ionic team is not really that active around here, so you will probably not get a direct answer here.

In general these examples are pretty good though.

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