When Wifi is off, app shows only a white screen

When wifi is turned off app shows only a white screen, no errors in log. But when wifi is on everything works great.

I am using latest Cordova, latest ionic, iphone5s.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

same here… i even tried a skeleotn app with no angular or plugins… so perhaps it can’t do basic things like script src=“js/app.js” /script when wifi is off?

Does the console return any errors?

  • Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Show Develop menu in menu bar
  • Launch the App
  • In Safari go develop > DeviceName
  • Click Console.

I am now thinking my issue is with phonegap build … this weirdness just started recently and I know phonegap build recently changed their code base … i am on windows but as soon as i get access to a mac i will confirm if problem is phoengap build by trying to build without phonegap build.

also i tried removing all link, script and images tags… basically just a body tag with hello and the problem continued… and now i found it works if wifi is off but airplane mode is on

Did you ever solve this?

I am having a similar issue.

This is iOS specific, everything works as expected on Android. iOS only works on wifi, it does not work on cellular network 3g or 4g.

The services that are being accessed are not local, they are cloud API services that are in full production.

Any insight is appreciated on how to fix this.

Hello, I have the same issue with Ionic3 with a simple API call and audio streaming but it works only under wifi.
Have you fixed it?