4G connection doesn't work if WIFI enabled but not connected

Hello !

I encountered a problem with my app, i don’t know yet if it is a ionic / cordova or android problem, maybe you had a similar problem…

When using my app with wifi activated, but not connected and a 4G connection, the application can’t access to the internet. If i disable wifi the application can access internet with 4G. I guess the application tries to connect with WIFI but fails and doesn’t try the 4G interface. Maybe there is a configuration that tells the application which network interface to use by default but i can’t find it. How can i figure out this problem ?


Does the browser or other apps work?
Normally the OS just gives the app “Internet” and the app uses it. Or did you do anything special?

(By the way: Ionic v1 or Ionic 2+ app? You selected “ngCordova” category, which implies Ionic v1)

Sorry it’s a ionic 2 app, i changed the category !

Apparently internet works with a browser app and there is nothing special in the application. I continue to investigate…

Hello, I have the same issue with Ionic3. It’s a simple audio streaming but it works only under wifi.
How have you fixed it?!?