When switching tabs, autofocus on an input makes the tabs bar disappear

since the last beta-2, when my application loads and I switch to a view having an autofocus on an input, the tabs bar disappear.
Here is the image of the bug :

I’ve setup a CodePen sample that does not have that problem : http://codepen.io/calendee/pen/wBKcp

Can you post a CodePen sample that does demonstrate the problem?

I can’t because I think the problem is relative to Android’s keyboard. It works in the browser but the issue happens on Android (tested with Crosswalk integration). Could you try with an Android device ?

It looks like your demo is in a desktop browser.

Interesting. I actually just setup a local sample(non-codepen) and see the issue now. Here is what’s going on. The devs have added some functionality to hide the tabbar when a field gets focused. Otherwise, the tab bar stays in the view and blocks half the available area while the keyboard is up.

So, on a device, this is good news. However, it’s bad news for desktop. It’s also bad news for iOS because by default iOS won’t allow the keyboard to be activated without the user tapping on a field.

I’ve opened Issue # 1233 asking for an attribute to enable or disable this.