When scrolling it stuck and jump to the end of the scrolling direction


hey everybody,

i currently run in some problems using ionic/angularjs. i get remote data from a server which is completely loaded and when i try to scroll it starts to stuck and jump at the end of the direction i scrolled.

the list actually have 10-15 items including thumbnails and some text - so not so much. i have the latest ionic version installed. anyone else discovering this issues? it is really annoying as there is no real scroll behavior.

anyone knows or run in similar problems?

many thanks


@hillbm you would probably want to look at this discussion (till the bottom) : Scrolling 2 elements independently?

You probably need to set height to your listview. Without a code snippet, that is pretty much that I would be able to tell.


i will try that out and will let you know. actually i am off the office for some days but then i will keep you updated on that.

many thanks,