When running app on Android or iOS simulator or device cookies are not being saved

My company has an Ionic/Cordova web app that we’re trying to deploy natively. The app works fine in the browser across all devices but when I build and deploy for mobile the cookies that are returned from the server or not saving, and therefore, not being sent with each following request, making the app unusable.

Now, I’ve heard that you can’t use cookies with Cordova, but that doesn’t seem true because, from all the searching I’ve done, it seems like many people have been able to successfully do this. So:

Can you use cookies with Cordova?

And if so, does anyone know why the cookies would not be persisting when I build using Cordova for mobile vs when using the app in the browser?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Also just as I side note, we’re using NopCommerce, so if anyone has had this issue before when using NopCommerce that would be helpful also, but not necessary.

Almost you need to check its specification, features, and requirement first then you need to choose one of the iOS emulators as there are a number of them available in the market. I used different iOS emulators on my device PC but never need to save cookies.