Issues with cookies seemingly not being saved directly

I work on an app which communicates with an backend.

When the user logs in, the servers sets some auth cookies. So, when i make calls to the backend i use e.g. this.http.get<T>(uriEndpoint, { withCredentials: true }) which works most of the time.

But when i start the app, log in, then close the app and relaunch the app, the cookies are not sent with the requests, effectively logging out the user.

If i let the app make a few more requests after a successful login, thus keeping it active a bit longer, then close and re-open it this problem does not occur.

It seems like the cookies are not persisted/synced by the webview as they are set.

Am i mistaken here? Shouldn’t the web views store that token faster?

This applies to Android and iOS versions of the app (though i need to be faster with closing the app after a login on iOS to reproduce this).