When focused ion-input, grid move up. How to fix it?

When not focus.

And when focus it, it will bring table to collapse

<ion-row id="add-body">
        <ion-col col-2 class="table-border"></ion-col>
        <ion-col col-5 class="table-border">
          <ion-item class="item-in-table">
            <ion-input placeholder="ใส่ชื่อ/สแกน" [(ngModel)]="searchTerm" class="input-in-table" stacked></ion-input>
            <button ion-button icon-only clear class="icon-in-table" (click)="searchProductByName()" item-right>
              <ion-icon name="search"></ion-icon>
        <ion-col col-2.5 class="table-border"></ion-col>
        <ion-col col-2.5 class="table-border"></ion-col>

How to fixed it? I have searched about it in Forum, but cannot find the solution.

@reality37, have you ever fixed this bug?