When am sharing the text .P tag is showing.how can i solve it

when am sharing the text .P tag is showing.
Below my code

            <ion-avatar item-start> <img src="demo"> </ion-avatar>
            <p><a href="#">{{item._embedded.author[0].name}}</a></p>
            <p><a href="#">{{item._embedded['wp:term'][0][0].name}}</a></p>
          <img *ngIf="item.featured_image_urls && item.featured_image_urls.thumbnail" [src]="item.featured_image_urls.thumbnail">
            <p [innerHTML]="item.content.rendered"></p>
              <button ion-button icon-left clear small (click)="shareItem(item)">
              <ion-icon name="share" ></ion-icon>

.ts code

shareItem(item) {
    // message, subject, file, url
    this.sharingVar.share(item.content.rendered +""+ item._embedded.author[0].name ,"www.demo.com")
    .then(() => {

    .catch(() => {


Below the screen shot.scr

Please help me anyone

I’m normally not that big a fan of guessing games bit it seems your using wordpress. If you use the item.content.rendered it’s expected to contain the entire HTML excerpt, because that’s what the item.content.rendered actually contains (HTML). You should remove the HTML tags yourself or alter the wordpress response so it contains only text, not the HTML tags.

How can i write ?please give me a example.

Virtually every time I’ve seen somebody trying to use innerHTML it’s a disaster.