Display problem of the image of a post


I am starting with Ionic and worries. I want to want to create an app that is related to my site designed with WP install wordpress with REST API in the latter. mo problem is lorque I get the list of my posts it is displayed but the image does not aafiche. someone please just help me? below my code block.

<ion-view view-title = "Posts">
  <ion content>
  <ion refresher on-refresh = "doRefresh ()"> </ ion refresher>
<ion-item class = "item-icon-right" ng-repeat = "post in track posts by $ index" href = "# / app / posts /}} {{post.id" track>
<img = ng-if "post.featured_image" ng-src = "{{post._embedded ['http://v2.wp-api.org/attachment'] [0] [$ index] .source_url}}" class = "AlignLeft" />
<h2 ng-bind-html = "post.title.rendered"> </ h2>
<p ng-if = "post.excerpt.rendered" ng-bind-html = "post.excerpt.rendered"> </ p>
<i class = "icon-ion chevron icon-accessory-right"> </ i>
</ Li-item>
</ ion-list>

ng-if = "moreDataExists ()"
    On-infinite = "loadMore ()"
    distance = "1%">
  </ Li-infinite-scroll>

  </ ion content>
</ Li-view>

Thank you


What does this mean?

Surely you meant to write

<img  ng-if="post.featured_image" ng-src="{{post._embedded ['http://v2.wp-api.org/attachment'] [0] [$index] .source_url}}" class="AlignLeft" />


yes after having followed this tutorial is what i write. if you have a solution stp help me

Thank you