What's the preferred ways to create QR codes for each user in ionic V4?

Dear Ionic community, greetings!

I wish you all the best and safety during this COVID-19 crisis!!

I am trying to build an app that does the following:

Each user who signs up in the app will have the ability to create QR Codes depending on how many he/she wants.

1 QR Code = 1 person

What’s that for? Well, in weddings, the person wants to invite only 100 people, but many of these people will bring their neighbors, friends, their 5 kids, etc…

So I want the wedding owner to use my app to create invitation cards with unique QR Codes for each person, instead of printing the card and share it via WhatsApp or whatever.

So at the entrance gate the security guy scans the QR and let the person with the QR in.

What I need is:

Is there an API that does this QR generation job for me that works JS? Angular to be exact?

Thank you.

There are probably a zillion options for this. I just use soldair/node-qrcode.