Read QR-Code and redirect to Ionic page

I need to read a QR-Code and redirect to a web page.
When load the page I need to get the user number, anyone has did something this this?

Can you please explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve, what user data you are trying to collect, and the functionality you are looking for?

QR codes contain data. When you scan a QR code, it may have a URL in it, such as When tapped, your phone then automatically opens this URL in your default web browser. Therefore, any data you would be collecting would be coming from the web traffic.

Thks for your feedback @MozMike

  • I need to my APP generate a QR Code.
  • When user scan the QR code, it will be available in differents places, it will open a specificy URL and this URL will receive the user mobile number…
    After these two steps are OK… I can handle the others :slight_smile:

But I never worked with QR Code before

Thks… I will study and try with the library that you informed… thks so much…