What's the best practice for displaying dynamic images

I’m trying to create an application that reads dynamically the content from a service connected to a database. My idea was to create a web application that feeds the database and the mobile application will consume the “news” inserted in the database. In my mind, this news will have the content including images. As long as I’m fresh in Ionic I wonder how the images should be moved or loaded in the mobile app, is something I load to a public location a later reference it through the url, or store the image in the db (which I don’t want) or what I have to do with the image in order to feed the app and display it with the content of the news.
Thanks in advance.

PD. I’m actually working in Ionic Beta 4.

I think what you can do is by using the URL as it saves storage compare to saving it to your DB. But it is also depends on what you want for your app. Another best practice is if you have a web app that saves the image you’ll probably need to compress them.