How to organize a dynamic application

Hi everybody,
I have just started trying ionic and I’m very impressed how fast is to develop mobile apps with it.
After trying with a one-static-page app now I’m moving on something more complex with data fetched from an external JSON API.

Let’s add some context: I have many “spheres” (aka subjects) and every sphere has many questions, every question should have a single page so my user, after selecting a sphere, see the first question, after answering to it he sees the second question and so on.

I created a spheresController which fetches (via $http.get) the list of available spheres and in my index.html page I see the list of spheres, all is fine.

I created another controller questionsController which fetches, given a sphere, the list of available questions for the selected sphere.

Here is my doubt: how can I handle a dynamic amount of questions (pages) in ionic using a single html page? (all questions are identical to others, the only difference is the question’s text)

If there is any link please suggest me, I tried to look for it but with no luck

Thank you very much

Did you manage to find a solution for this?
I’m wanting to do something similar