What redirect URL to use when redirecting ionic for third party webflow


I am developing a ionic mobile app in which i want to redirect to a thirdparty webflow which requests users’ consent and redirects to the callback url which i should specific for me to grab the token as permission token to make further API calls. Since ionic itself is a html5 mobile app, what do i specify for the redirect url so the control comes back to my mobile app?


Hi @sripaulca,

You might want to look at how Oauth is accomplished in Ionic Framework / Apache Cordova. If you’re planning on using one of the popular web service providers you can take a look at ngCordova since yesterday I submitted Oauth support to the plugin.

If you’re trying to use a less popular Oauth service or are implementing your own, you may want to look at a tutorial I made discussing the browser / login flow:

Let me know if you need help beyond this.



Hi @nicraboy, thanks a lot for sharing this information. I am trying to use PayPal APIs for which i need some access token from their Permissions service. It involved a webflow in between as shown here https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/permissions-service/gs_PermissionsService/. I will try the instructions in your page and check. Thanks!


Hi @sripaulca,

I sent PayPal an email a few days ago because their Oauth API wasn’t working as advertised in their documentation. I wanted to add it to ngCordova.

Just a heads up so you don’t bang your head over something that may not be your fault.