What is the difference between plugins in dependencies vs plugins in plugin

What is the difference between plugins located in dependencies in package.json :

VS plugins in cordova { plugins{ plugin list }


Those should be identical in the best case.

Before Cordova used to not use npm and node_modules for plugins, but now it does. Before it had its own list of installed plugins in cordova->plugins, now it also uses the dependencies entry. A future version of Cordova will drop the dependencies completely.

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Can this affect on my app performance, errors etc?


The only thing that can happen is that some Cordova tooling is confused. But package.json should already win right now - which is one of the reasons why I always tell people to update their CLI tooling.

Thank you for the information sir! You’re always very helpfull :smile:

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Actually, this might all have been bullshit.

The plugin part of config.xml will be removed, but package.json will stay. cordova->plugins is for plugin configuration, like the usage description you are seeing there. So each Cordova plugin in dependencies should also have an entry in cordova-plugins.