Cordova plugins management, config.xml or package.json?

Is there any real documentation about how the plugins are specified in a project? Right now, it’s a huge mess for me. In package.json, the plugins are listel all over the place:

In “dependencies”, then in “cordovaPlugins” (where they are listed several timeswith different version numbers?), then in “cordova -> plugins”. What the hell?

Does anyone actually know how this is supposed to work? :S

Edit: When i add a platform, iOS for example, I get a lot of stuff like Plugin "cordova-plugin-camera" already installed on ios. which leads me to believe that at least one of these are not needed.


Not expecting much since I guess not even the people actually maintaining the clusterf*ck that is Cordova have a clue, but bumping anyway.

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They should be listed under dependencies and cordova -> plugins, i believe the cordovaPlugins section is deprecated. Here’s more info:

Bumping this as it seems there’s currently still no real documentation about plugins management. If I’ve mistaken, I’ll gladly appreciate some links to the corresponding resources.