What is the difference between Ionic and Capacitor?

What is the difference between Ionic and Capaitor? From what I am reading through both Ionic and Capacitor help build mobile apps with single codebase used for web version. What am I missing?

Ionic is the toolkit that provides the UI components. Capacitor is what creates the bridge between the web and native functionality. It also provides the tooling to build the native apps.

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So, in order to package a webapp as mobile app, does it require capacitor? without Capacitor we cannot bundle mobile app?

Does it mean, with Ionic toolkit,

  • we can create mobile app; but, native functionalities are not available (like camera)?
  • If we need native functionality, Capacitor needs to be used along with Ionic toolkit?

Capacitor is required to create/package and run your web (Ionic app) as a native Android/iOS app. Without Capacitor, you can only run the Ionic app in a web browser.

Correct, Capacitor is required to use native functionality in your Ionic app like the camera, push notifications, native storage, etc.

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