What is the best way to save users credit card information in their account

Hi All,

I am looking for a secure way to save the billing information to be used with future purchases.

I have a wordpress woocommerce website and created an Ionic app using Rest Api V3. I have a class, a php wrapper that limits Rest Api using cUrl and and consumer keys. Basically I can use the same wrapper and record billing information to the server using SSL etc. But I am not comfortable to save the user info.

I see in Uber app or grubhub or other apps that they save this information somewhere. Do they encrypt and decrypt on another second server, or does stripe handles this on their end or do they use firebase database which I assume you can store credit card information in firebase and charge cards later on or maybe Apple pay only handles this… Can I do something like this with Authorize.net paypal/pro etc??

PCI DSS compliance rules are very strict. I want to stay in that rule and I want the user NOT enter their information again but choose the default card and send the order. I want the user to add multiple credit cards and process the default card. What is the best approach?

Simple answer: Don’t. Let your payment provider handle that, they will tell you how to implement anything.

Hi @HakanGoker,

@Sujan12 is totally right, do not never even store credit card details. As you have said, it’s a huge security risk and against all PCI DSS security guidelines.

What payment processors use is a process called tokenization that translates credit card details into a token that can be stored and used safely, and maps to a real credit card. This is what platforms use to keep your card “on file” without actually storing your credit card details. Most processors, like Stripe, allow to tokenize cards in their APIs.


Never share your card details. Here you’ll find article related to your problem.