What is the best practise for handling ionic view events with and app that has both tabs and sidemenu

With caching enabled the before/afterEnter and enter events are fired once only, on first load of the controller for our home page. This can even persist after a new build of ionic pushed to device. We’ve had to disable caching for all affected views.

I would expect the enter events to be triggered every time i switch to a tab.

We’re using uiRouter and binding controllers to view in the state config.

The breakage may come from something we’re doing in our event handlers, if I replace the event handler code with a simple log statement then they are always triggered as expected. When we have code of the form:

fooService.getBar().then(function(dataResponse) {
$scope.bar = dataResponse.data;

within the event handler it breaks and the event is never retriggered.