Header-bar and ion-view lifecycle events management

Hi there

I’ve been playing around with http://codepen.io/telekosmos/pen/Grqjmj (forked from http://codepen.io/mhartington/pen/OPpqdo) to see how lifecycle events works in order to update our ionic app to support cache and logic through those events.

Maybe this is a bit dumb, but if I add a ion-header-bar just before the ion-view as our views are built, the $ionicView.enter event is not fired, which is a bit inconvenient and I’m asking whether or not this is the intended behavior.

Also, maybe I’m a bit newbie to these sort of events as I used to use ui-router events, but now we want to cache some views and the lifecycle events are a good way to keep the ‘un-cached’ logic working. So a ‘deep’ tutorial/reference on how these events would help, how the views have to be structured and maybe limitations.

Thanks in advance