What is best practice for implemeting Google Map in Ionic


I have found out that there are numerous ways to implement Google map with ionic. So far there is: ngMap, Angular-google-maps, google-maps and so on. Probably more, but it’s getting confusing as it is.

What I want to find out is what is the benefit of using each one and the trade off between each approach. Also which is the most preferred one for Ionic app, and why. I am having trouble figuring out which one I should go with, so far I was only able to get ngMap working with my app. All though from what I found, it is a bad practice to use ngMap, which is why I am here to find out more about this. I hope I can get an answer to which implementation of google maps I should go for. Either ngMap or Angular-google-maps, or some other type.



So far i only see videos about angular-google-map integration from pluralsight, not try other options :slight_smile:


You see, I am very new too ionic, only been using it for around a month. So my understanding isn’t quite there where I need to it to be.
I tried getting angular-google-map but for some reason it didn’t work. I had issues with it not running on the actual android device, which is why I am here trying to get some more info :smile:

According to the Angular Google Map documentation, the tutorial on pluralsight in out of date as it seems.