What happens when a tabed UI gets extra states

I’m after a bit of advice.

I have a fairly simple four page app, with a normal tabs-along-the-bottom view using ion-nav-view.

Now I need to build out some of those pages to have extra steps and information. What’s the recomened way of doing that ?

It seems that every state listed in the router has to be referenced from the ion-nav-view (even hidden) or $state.go() won’t transition to it ? This doesn’t seem very scalable, or intentional, so I think I might have missed something somewhere ?

No one ? Does everyone end up with a whole bunch of :

< ion-tab title=“Calc2” href="#/app/calc-further" class=“ng-hide”>
< ion-nav-view name=“tab-calc-further”>
< /ion-tab>

in their ion-tabs then ?