Adding a new ui-router state at the top of ionic tabs

I am having an issue where I would like to add a new tab button at the top of my app but also have three tabs at the bottom of my app. So 4 states. 3 at the bottom and 1 at the top and all going to separate views. I am having trouble getting the top one to work.

I do not know where to put the <ion-nav-vew>. I currently have all three views under ion-tabs but the view that is supposed to go at the top can’t go in an ion-tab or it will end up on the bottom. I have made a button that changes to that state in my index.html file but I do not know where to put my <ion-nav-view>

I have created a plunker to explain my problem better. I have made notes in tabs.html to make it more clear.