What feature can be added in my healthcare mobile application?

Hi developers, I am exploring new features and functionalities that are being used in recent days in the healthcare industry.


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If you are planning to create a new app or upgrade your existing healthcare application, here are some of the features that you should include:

  1. Video conferencing solutions: Most patients prefer connecting with their doctors virtually through audio or video methods during the post Pandemic period. It has, therefore, become essential to include live chats and telephonic and video conversations with the patient. You should ensure the feature is HIPAA compliant

  2. Feedback: You should allow your patients to provide you with feedback regarding the experience and the doctor. It will help improve the overall systems and facilities.

  3. Navigation: If you provide details on how to navigate within the facility in your app, it will improve in-clinic or hospital experiences.

  4. IoT Integration: you can integrate your systems with the wearable technology for faster health tracking and seamless care

These are just some features that we believe will make a massive difference in the healthcare apps you develop. You can connect with our team to discuss your existing idea and how we can make it better with advanced features and technologies.