What does the .hydrated class do?


I’m using the ionic printer plugin in a project and it seems to be working in the browser, but not on IOS devices.

When I close the printer modal (either by pressing close/printing) and go to a different view, some elements on that view are hidden :expressionless:

What I’ve noticed though, is if I manually remove and then add the .hydrated class on the html tag, everything goes back to normal.

Is there anything I’m missing? A reload/rehydrate method?

Any help will be much appreciated

Sounds like a bug or something with either the plugin or ionic… can you recreate the issue in demo and push it to github?

As for the .hydrated class, that’s from the web component core. Basically, when everything is ready to render, we set hydrated and it will trigger a once global render.


It seems to be happening only when I run the app in emulators (both ipad and iphone).

It works just fine on actual devices :man_shrugging:

Anway, thanks for the help!