What do those ionic v1 services evolve in v4?

Hi, I’m currently upgrade a project from v1 to v4, and find that lots of things changed!

for example:

Is there a document in web to descible where are these v1 services. what do these services evolve,how can ionic 4 to implement the same samething?

thanks for helps!

you are likely to find more pointers seeking help for migration ionic v1 to v2/v3. And looking at v3 to v4.
And of course looking at migration from angularjs to angular.

No experience to share though…


Seriously, you might be better to start again from the beginning.


It’s a sad news for me!

I can understand that reaction, but you can also look at it as an opportunity. Maybe looking at the code base with a fresh perspective and a new framework architecture can allow for a better design going forward.