What are you building with Ionic? We want to know!


Yes, as bengtler says, it’s just a png file set as the background to the navbar. I had to set it on:

.bar-stable.bar-header.nav-bar {
background:url(’…/images/xxxx.png’) repeat top;

This was with ionic 0.13; I did upgrade to 0.14 but it killed the custom nav button positioning etc. and there wasn’t time to fix it, so I reverted - so note that this css may not work for you. The next release will be based on 0.14 or whatever is about to come out as we’ll have more time.

The app started as a bunch of PSDs from a design agency which I had to chop up and use within the app, so I didn’t have to worry about coming up with the design, just implementing the approved design.


Nice App! Makes me hungry :stuck_out_tongue:


Best scenario ever!!! Hate that continuous fight I have with myself whenever I develop my own apps!

Just added in ur code sample and played with some stuff and I’m loving it! Thanks for the step through!


Hi @WidawskiJ, could you chime in this topic and share with us your experience using pusher with Ionic? we’d be really grateful! thanks!


Hi. The App I’ve just published (for iOS and Android) allows air travellers to locate airports around the world using full body scanners. You can search by continent, country, by geo-location, randomly and manually along with options to save searches, contact the developer for information/bug reporting and get a heads up on news & events relating to airport safety/body scanner technology.

The App is available here for anyone who might want to have a look (would welcome any feedback that interested parties might have):

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/airport-body-scanner-locator/id674118545
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.saintsatplay.ABSL

I spent a fortnight completely re-engineering the existing UI and codebase from jQuery Mobile to the Ionic Framework/AngularJS and I am extremely pleased with just how much more flexible, robust and scalable the App now is as a result. The clean separation of code between controllers, factories and views as well as the performance/speed improvements has made for an enjoyable project upgrade!

Just to want to say a big thanks to all the team at Ionic who have created, provided and continue to improve on such a fantastic tool that allows developers like myself to realise our ideas. Great work guys and believe me when I say your efforts make my efforts so much easier as a result!


OneZap a remote control application, completely rebuilt using the Ionic framework and angular-material.

Only available for Android for now:

A big thanks to the Ionic team for the best mobile framework!


My own application: Hipo is a simple and efficient application of financial accounting, focusing on expenditure budget. Fast accounting. Efficient financial management. Simple action, control spending.

Best New Apps By App Store (China) Recommendation.


@yijian166 How did you get the picture of your app to be inside the phone?


I use this application:Promotee :slight_smile:


you can also try https://placeit.net or even http://magicmockups.com


The YouTube vid on that placeit site just rocked my world!!! Thanks!!


Found the English version and dowloaded it for 4 bucks! So far I’m loving it thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


I and a friend of mine released our first app using Ionic. Here he is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ionicframework.updv389492

It is a small app to control sales, clients, suppliers. It is a MVP to test the ideia and grows (only in Brazilian Portuguese yet).
Thanks guys, for the awesome work and this amazing SDK.


I have used this website: MockUPhone


We’re developing a mobile app interface of a CRM. It will have a simplified interface than the original mobile webapp, with offline capabilities and synchronization features.


The world of philately in one App

Android & iOS


The Rately Shopper App!

We intially created a native iOS app. Then used Ionic to build the Android version, and ported it to the desktop.

http://app.rately.com is an HTML5 app build with Ionic!




Snaphappi On-the-Go is a curated photo service for vacation/travel photos that is now in the iOS App Store:


I’m looking for testers to help me validate and refine the UX and concept, so please try it out!


This thread blows my mind! You guys are building such awesome stuff :slight_smile:


I’m building Foursquare for marijuana called BudHound: budhound.herokuapp.com

Very provocative topic right now, and I want there to be a clean community of users who can be optionally anonymous, to keep track of their consumption and usage.

I plan to distribute without appstores, using the “add to homescreen” functionality and making that shine with Ionic. So far all is well. Visit that heroku link, add it to your homescreen, and enjoy a pretty full fledged prototype.