What are the bare minimum devices needed to test my app?

Coming from a web developer’s point of view, I’m very new to this whole mobile thing.
I have a Windows Phone, so I want to go out and buy an iPhone and Drioid to use with this “Ionic View” thing.
As I understand it, I can test my app on an iPhone with this path without having a mac.

What’s the cheapest I can pay for to start testing my stuff on real devices?
iPhone 4 good enough? I tried to test an app made with ionic on my fiancee’s phone, but it was too old.


I would advise using iPhone5.

iPhone 4 is on the level of current low-end Android devices and has a problem with CSS animations (transitions). Though you can make them work just fine if you use Cordova Native transitions plugin.

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Thanks! What about Android? Is there a token burner phone that’s good enough for testing?

Lines are blurred in this case. I own S3 and S4 and I can guarantee for both of them, as long as they have a 4.4 upgrade.