What about google maps?

Until 2 days ago google maps worked fine, now i have this error:

ERROR: Plugin 'map_0_1020411638889' not found, or is not a CDVPlugin. Check your plugin mapping in config.xml.

looking for documentation, the plugin was removed:

Any news?

Thank’s for your work

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we removed the maps plugin from our ionic-native repo. You can find the new repository here: https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-native-google-maps

If you have questions open an new issue there.

… which links to exactly the URL @devartstudio posted as documentation:

Because we removed the Plugin from the ionic-native repo, the Plugin Documentations isn’t generated anymore. I will try to find a solution to generate the docs from the new source.

I added your reply to the favorites (and tracking) to know when it will return, thank you.

Well, I keep the same file stecture in order to manage by yours (and the repo is under the ionic team), you should generate the maps page, or at least keep the old one.

I take over the management because your team doesn’t manage the plugin in proper.

Anyway, there are couple of solutions:

  1. generate the map page from this url.

  2. link to another url,

  3. or use git sub repository.
    (Git is able to make a subrepository for particular file)


I created the google maps plugin documentation.
Please link to here.

Thank’s for update, please, correct repetiotions “API_KEY_FOR_ANDROID”

but my app still not working with same error, checking package.json I founded:

“cordova-plugin-googlemaps-sdk”: “git+https://github.com/mapsplugin/cordova-plugin-googlemaps-sdk.git#2.6.0”,

try to remove #2.6.0 but still not working.

Any suggest?
Ho can I run cordova-plugin-googlemaps-sdk local and not on CDV?

many thank’s

Please share your project files on GitHub. It looks your code is wrong somewhere.

Yes I shared in pm

Thank you for sharing your project files.
I checked your code, and you give wrong value for the longitude.

let mapOptions: GoogleMapOptions = {
		camera: {
  		target: {
      		lat: this.page["latitudine"],
      		lng: this.page["longitudine"]
    	zoom: 18

The console output was:

{camera: {target: {lat: "41.1850238", lng: "9.3219962,17"}, zoom: 18}}

And you need to pass latitude, and longitude as number, not string

Even after you change your code like this, you probably get the same error.

loadMap() {
  this.page.latitudine = 41.1850238;
  this.page.longitudine = 9.3219962;
  let mapOptions: GoogleMapOptions = {
    camera: {
      target: {
        lat: this.page["latitudine"],
        lng: this.page["longitudine"]
      zoom: 18
  this.map = GoogleMaps.create(this.mapElement.nativeElement, mapOptions);

Because the map div is smaller than 200px.

Since the native map view cause error if width or height is too small, and the maps plugin waits the map div until the width and the height will become to over 200px.
But your map div has only 184px.
That’s why the native map view is not display at all.

If I give height: 200px instead of height: 100% in the contatti.html file, the map works correctly.

oh yes, thank’s
it works early :slight_smile:

We will link to the github repo docs with a simple stand-in page, apologies for the 404 should be resolved soon

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Sounds nice :slight_smile: