Webpack.config not found

Hi I’m still trying to get along with updates.

Is there a way to prevent ionic-app-scripts from doing anything with sass?
I want my webpack to resolve those since I want to add custom variables through sassLoader.

I’ve continued with sass handling it anyway, I wrote a sass.config.js, might help me fix other features I’ve added in beta. Right now I’m trying to get ANYTHING on screen.

no app.bundle.js is outputted anywhere, there is a polyfills.js, not sure where that came from, my webpack.config is executed though, Just don’t see the output, also 0 errors.

A comment from someone would be appreaciated, I can just write whatever and the ionic-angular-scripts just runs happily. It however does not generate anything, I need the correct location for my variables.scss used to be app.variables.scss. The www folder ends up with an empty css anyways. Also a polyfills.js is created. But no main.js

I’m currently running without any config to see where it starts but it doesn’t even complain, it just runs through some files but generates nothing???

Going on here, now I just keep getting the:
Config file “/Users/mathijs/projects/we.as.company/config/webpack.config.js” not found. Using defaults instead.

Though it loads the file (I added a console.log to see). But something is not a-la-ionic and it breaks :’(

No debug info.