Web, Mobile Monorepo

I’m wondering if anyone has had success with creating a web + mobile monorepo. Specifically, I have a mobile platform that will share business logic with a web platform. For example, the filtering done on a search page could be done with the same Angular service as the web and mobile apps utilize the same API.

Is there a good way to structure an Nx repo to accomplish this and / or are there any good examples? I’ve seen that nxtend has an angular-ionic plugin to scaffold something like this but wasn’t sure if there was also an Ionic community accepted Nx schematic for this type of thing.


I have the same problematic here. Did you manage to set up this architecture with NX ?
If yes, I’m very interested about your experience.

I would like to create an UI lib with custom components built with ionic components and use it as the same way in my web and mobile app.