Web App Icon & Spash

Is there anyway to change the icon and spash screen for the web app?

If by Web App you mean a Progressive Web App?

Then the answer is yes for Android and yes-ish for iOS.


I am still having trouble getting the new splash and icon images to show up in my pwa for android.

I replaced them in my resources folder and I pushed everything to heroku but when I add it to the home screen the stock ionic images show up instead.

Find out what URL it is loading this image from.
Why is it still the stock image and not the new one?

I’m not sure how to check on a progressive web app

I used Ionic cordova resources command to make spash and icon images for android and ios. I noticed that I had additional files with md5 extention. icon.png.md5 and splash.png.md5.

No idea.

That is normal, that is used to find out if the files changed (the .md5 contains a checksum over the content at the time of creation of the different sizes) and resources have to be recreated.

OK, so its a PWA: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/web-app-manifest/

Check the Application tab in Chrome’s DevTools:

Thank you, I was able to follow the resource.