Web API in Ionic-Native


First, I have to prevent you that I’m not an english speaker, so excuse me if I write like a kid :slight_smile:
I’m working on a Progressive Web App that purpose some functionnality, like using camera, receiving and sending notifications with firebase, recognize speech, read sensors in real time, etc.
But quickly, I was stopped by PWAs’ limitation. I wanted to read sensors in background, but it seems like it’s actually impossible, because the API is not usable in a Web Worker. (I’ve posted a message in stackoverflow : here , and I’m waiting for a response so if you have an idea to resolve my problem, I will appreciate the help).

Because of this, I have to build my PWA to an Hybrid App, I tought that it would be easy but it wasn’t.
So in brief, I would like to have a PWA AND a Hybrid App. For example, I’m unable to use Firebase in Hybrid, because I use the official Firebase package and not ionic-native/cordova…

In the PWA version I want to do everything that’s possible to do, and in the Hybrid App version, I want to do all of PWA functionnalities plus what’s not possible to do (like reading sensors in background).
The problem is that I use a lot of Web Oriented API in my PWA (SpeechRecognition, Mediacapture, Firebase, etc), and I can’t use some of them in the Hybrid Version.

So my question is : how could you do to implemant same functionnalities in both PWA and Hybrid versions ?

One more time, I apologize for my poor english, tell me if you didn’t understand something or if you wan’t more precisions, I will respond you with pleasure.