Waves.js material animations problem with ionic

Hello, I am trying to use the waves.js material animations with ionic, but when i add it to an ionic project, and put the “waves-effect” class on any item, nothing happenes.

Did anyone succeed in implementing it inside ionic perhaps?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Get the same thing. Nor in Chrome neither on Android/iOS

You should do this:

<span class="waves-effect waves-classic">
    <button class="button"></button>

Place your button or another clickable element inside other element like span with waves-effect class.
Make sure your clickable element has no margin, if you want margin then add it to the parent element.

@shaulhadar @shoustin

Good catch, anyways I implemented materializecss based on jQuery. Works good, at least from 1st view don’t see performance penalties.

Hi @shoustin , I would be happy to know what exactly you had to edit in materialize, to make it work with ionic?

Any advice would be really welcome.

Thanks :smile:

Mostly its tiny changes, margins, padding … . for example I disabled:

*, *:before, *:after {
  box-sizing: inherit;   

that blocks scrolling on mobile Ionic.

Their css structure is pretty simple and you can drop all not relevant components like accordion, text area …

Hello, could you tell me which line was that modificastes to operate materialize

You can check this demo I play with. just open side bar and check all options

I do not understand the example

when running ionic serve disables the scroll is fixed does not scroll effect

you have a tutorial to continue to work materialize in ionic

this example has Ionic infra and also included materialize.

disable this lines in materialize to make scroll work

*, *:before, :after {
box-sizing: inherit;

hello just disable that line and running ionic serve, do not get the effect of scrolling

The easiest way is to debug with Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS. go To your list and check what styles are inherited from materialize. Just disable them

Hi @shoustin, thanks for these tips, but i have a question, how can you debug live when using chrome on android?

I tried to check it , and i am not sure how to do this… what will be the best way?