Want to suggestion on development

Hey Guyzz,

I want to create a multi-platform
app that will play audio files offline and online, but where nobody can
download the audio files.

  1. User must be authenticate by server database.
  2. Audio File should be steamed from server.
  3. User can download as off-line like youtube off-line video in android app ( But we will use audio books)

So my question are….

  1. Can I create this kind of app with ionic framework ??
    if Yes… Definitely Yeah we can do it with this framework.
  2. How can we make private audio files. (As per my research android and
    IOS both will provide private area of memory so other app can’t access
    this private area. )

Anyone can guide me by any doc or reference how will I start it.

Thank you so must for your help!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I want to be member of this community so plz guide me to quick learn.