Wanna implement Laser Barcode Scanner in IONIC App

Hello all, we have developed a enterprise level Android app using IONIC, in which we want to implement Laser Barcode Scanner of Zebra MC36 Android Device

Did anyone ever implemented Laser Barcode Scanner in IONIC, please suggest us what to do.

What issue you are facing, Does this barcode scanner provides any API/plugin for hybrid apps ?
Do you have native Android code for the same or you need to implement it from the scratch?

@vaibhav915 Thanks for your reply.
They have provided Android SDK, but they dont have support for Hybrid apps. Zebra SCANNER SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KITS (SDK)

It means you have to create custom plugin for the same.
Include that SDK in your native java code and create JavaScript interface and define native java path in your config file.
You can refer some guides to create Cordova custom plugins

@vaibhav915 can you please give me more reference on this. Like HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT.

Please refer these links, I’ve not gone thoroughly but you will find some reference:

I know this thread is quite old, but it’s now quite easy to support zebra barcode scanners in ionic. Just read this page:

I want help in creating PLUG IN for BARCODE Scanner in UNITECH Brand Hand Held Terminal in ionic Framework.
Do you have any idea on this .