Vue transitions between pages don't work


I installed the latest Ionic version with Vue and it works properly. But I have some problems with the router. I have no transitions between pages in the browser or a real device (Android in my case).

I have all the las stuff of the framework and I did not change any line.

Does somebody has the same problem?

Min App.vue file:


Some links to the router pages:

        <ion-item href="/tabs/tab1">Go!</ion-item>
        <ion-item router-link="/map">Map</ion-item>
        <ion-item>Menu Item</ion-item>
        <ion-item>Menu Item</ion-item>
        <ion-item>Menu Item</ion-item>
  • If I use href it refresh all the page… not with router-link.
  • you shouldn’t use href
  • can you put the small project in github or codesandbox? Was it based on the CLI template?

Hi @aaronksaunders!

I launched again a new fresh installation based in CLI and it works. But I don’t know how to change animations wit the IonRouterOutlet. It is possible to change them in Vue? Where have I to put the properties and methods of the IonRouterOutlet? I’m a bit confused and I couldn’t find any docs with examples in Vue.

And the tabs why have no ani transition when you change the views? And why use href instead of router-link?