Navigation transition when navigating between pages using same dynamic URL

Is it possible to get the page navigation animation/transition when navigating between two pages using the same component (same dynamic URL)?

Navigating from /menu/1 to /menu/2 where URL in router is /menu/:id

From what i understand I have to watch params, and content on page must be replaced.
This is ok in web (desktop), but on mobile I want the normal page transition.

In Ionic-Angular i think this was solved with Component ReuseStrategy, is there something similar for Vue?

I have found some Vue documentation around the subject of not reusing component, but i’m not sure how to implement with ion-router-outlet.

what have you done so far? It should work… is your question about the page transition?

From /menu/1 we use router.push('/menu/2')

This leads to the page being re-painted with the updated parameter (2), but there is no transition from /menu/1 to /menu/2.

If we navigate from a different page however, there is a transition as normal.