Vue navigation transitions

Does anyone have a working Vue example of Ionic native navigation transitions (e.g. forward slide), both declaratively and programmatically? I have not been able to get them to work.

are you using the IonicVueRouter

import { IonicVueRouter } from "@ionic/vue";

Yes, I’m using IonicVueRouter. I’d like to see an actual working example, then I could compare with what I have to figure out what’s different.

Where is your code? You should get the navigation animations by default

I know I should get them by default, that’s why I’m puzzled. I’ll post some code later.

Something i this

in template


      setPopUpOnceArr(popUpOnce, name);
const enterAnimation = (baseEl) => {
      console.log("baseEl", baseEl);
            const backdropAnimation = createAnimation()
        .fromTo("opacity", "0.01", "0.5"); 

      const wrapperAnimation = createAnimation()
        .fromTo("transform", "translatey(-500px)", "translatey(0px)")
        .fromTo("opacity", "1", "1");

      return createAnimation()
        .addAnimation([wrapperAnimation /* backdropAnimation */]);

    const leaveAnimation = (baseEl) => {
      return enterAnimation(baseEl).direction("reverse");

return{enterAnimation, leaveAnimation}