Vue 3 route params

have a tabs like app, with parallel components

need to pass data from one to another …


        name: 'Select',
        params: { id }

should be simple…

other component ‘Select’ has

    id: {String}

here is route table from index.ts

const routes = [
    path: '/',
    name: 'Startup',
    component: Startup,
    path: '/Select',
    name: 'Select',
    component: Select,
    props: true
    path: '/Config',
    name: 'Config',
    component: Config,
    props: true  
    path: '/Navigater',
    name: 'Navigater',
    component: Navigater,
    props: true

not nested
but the property doesn’t arrive…

all the routes work

path: '/Select' should be path: '/Select/:id'.


thanks, that worked… altho listed in the doc that way, it doesn’t articulate why

i have older code on prior Ionic/vue version that worked without the parm name on the route

one of the parms is several 1000 chars… is there a limit?

I don’t think so. The old standard for URL length was 2048 chars but a quick search shows that Chrome and Safari have a huge limit where you should be fine.

this is IOS… not web

Right but Android WebView is based on Chrome and iOS WebKit is similar to Safari. I don’t think you’ll have any issues.