Visual glitch on IOS


I have a problem when typing into an input, some part of the desigh disapeared than when I switch to another input everything goes white. Does someone have run into this kind of issue ? I’ve posted a video on to show you the exact error.

Please see for video of the glitch thank you

Video seems to be 404ing.

Could you post some code that could recreate the issue?

Sorry video was removed by because it was too old, reuploaded :

Ahh thats just a setting on the simulator.
So the simulator allows you to toggle whether or not to use a device keyboard or your own mac’s keyboard.
The visual change is because the ion-content still expects there to be a visual keyboard present.
No error here, everything’s working as expected

That’s happen on a real ipad too… Used the emulator just to be able to film it…

Could you try to isolate it in a smaller demo?

I’ll try and see what happen then… but seriously that would have be easy to test it since there’s just 7 views, and it’s on the login one :stuck_out_tongue: