VirtualScroll, Infinate Scroll and Lazy Loading



I am very much new to Ionic. Developing my first App in Ionic, I am fetching data with HTTP.GET from a webservice. I want to Show lists in app however i am confused about these 3

Lazy Loading…

Which is best and which one should i use? I will have a long list of data coming from HTTP GET request to the webservice. I am using Ionic version 3.1.1

I checked other answers in this forum however they made me more confused about these 3.

Please advice and direct me to the right direction.

Thanks In advance.


Anyone Please? provide me some help here…


Use infinite scroll as it works like pagination. Use virtual scroll when you already have records downloaded or saved offline.


Thanks, i will try. I guess, i need to change web services so to get relevant data for each request like pagination?