Virtual Scroll in ionic v1


I have a huge list to be scrolled. I have used ion-infinite-scroll so that it does not give scroll issue. But when I scroll down and more than 1000 items gets populated in the list than I still get scroll lagging issue.

I cannot use collection repeat option as my list item does has dynamic height.

Is there any way to implement smooth scrolling or virtual scrolling in ionic v1?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Isnt creating like 10 items per page a good option for your issue ?

I am already using ion-infinite-scroll and populating 35 items per scroll request. But when i scroll down and populate more than 1000 items, this is where i get scroll issue.
We cannot use collection repeat as we have dynamic height functionality on click event.
requirement is to implement virtual scroll. Or kind of lazy rendering items in dom.

can the issue be that the items you loaded in with the infinite scroll clog up the ram of the device you are using it on?